The options for inexpensive dental implants vary.

Are you looking for inexpensive dental implants? What is the best way to explore this option on a limited budget? Dental implants are one of the most reliable and durable dental solutions available.

But not everyone can afford to get the procedure because inexpensive dental implants are a rare find. Even a single tooth implant could cost thousands of dollars. Though cost is certainly important in this decision, so is the decision to find a trustworthy dentist to do the operation. You will live with the outcome of this operation for years, so be sure to find a reputable provider!

The Inexpensive Alternative: Dental School

At Penn Dental Medicine, we pride ourselves on a reputation of quality and excellence.
As we are a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s dental school, we distinguish ourselves by staying ahead of the curve and on top of the best science in the field. Our dental students are directly supervised by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced dentists you will find in the area, guaranteeing top-notch dental service for you.

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Receiving care from a dental school is the most affordable option you will find if you require inexpensive dental implants. Why? The school can give you a great reduction off what you would normally pay at a dental practice because of its educational setting and focus. Here we’d like to offer you more information for what you might want to consider as you look for possibilities compatible with your budget.

Types of Dental Implant Options

1. Dental Implants (Snap-in)

Several types of implants can secure dentures, providing “snap-in” denture stabilization to ensure that the dentures stay in place. These “snap-ins” are flexible to be taken out for cleaning and care. If you need a more affordable option, then this is where to start!

2. Full-Arch Implant Solutions

Some systems have more permanent structures, which means they cannot be removed by the patient. These high-support systems can range from screw-retained denture systems to zirconia tooth implants.

3. Single/Multiple Implants

A crown or bridge can be installed in conjunction with a range of implant options in order to replace teeth. This is a robust, long-term solution that will cost more but will be much less likely to cost as much later on.

The most economical option you will find –which still doesn’t make any compromises on quality—is going to a dental school for inexpensive dental implants. If you’d like to talk to us further, please call 215-898-8965.

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