The little-known ways you can access what you need

Free Dental CareFree food… free care… free services… No matter what you’re talking about, “Free” always has a beautiful ring to it, especially when you’re talking about free dental care. There are few services that we need so desperately that cost so much, and as many as 37% of Americans have no dental insurance of any kind.

Now, who doesn’t want “free dental care near me”? However…

Free dental care might be a long shot in most cases. Even if you try to take advantage of the system (see the Emergency Room option), most times you’ll be back right where you started in a few weeks, and with a huge bill to boot. However, we’d like to share with you how it’s possible to get affordable dental care that’s well below market prices.

Emergency Room Care

Although it’s not the best place to get dental care, the ER is a good place to go when you have an urgent dental situation and you’re not sure what to do. Oftentimes there is a dentist available on staff or at least a doctor to give prescriptions.

At the ER you’ll receive prescriptions for antibiotics if you have an infection, and/or pain meds to get you through the week. If there’s a dentist on staff, you might even be able to get your tooth removed …but what you’re not going to get is a comprehensive solution to the problem. All that said, it’s likely that you’ll still end up with a bill for around $749 (the average cost for ER visits) or more (over $1000 if you live in a large city). So although it’s a good idea to go if you think your tooth is infected, the ER isn’t a good long-term option.

Community Dental Clinics

Every state offers low-cost or no-cost dental clinics. It may take some time to get to one if you live in a rural area. Some dentists charge using a sliding scale, which means they will adjust their rates to your income.

The first place to check would be your local public hospital. Many hospitals have associated community dental clinics. You can also check the American Dental Association website to see a map of your state’s low cost and clinics providing free dental care for adults. This includes dental school clinics and other organizations dedicated to helping people access affordable dental care.

Dental School Clinics

At a dental school clinic you are guaranteed to get low-cost care with high standards. Especially if you’re in a metropolitan area, this is the best option because you can be sure that the the school is vouching for the level of quality of the dental care you receive. A few facts about teaching clinics:

  • You receive comprehensive care, all under one roof and  benefiting from the attention of multiple specialists (as needed).
  • Student dentists are in their final years of training and are supervised by seasoned professionals.
  • As a dental clinic and school, it uses state-of-the-art modern technology for dental imaging, etc.
  • Payment plans are presented clearly at the beginning of treatment to ensure that cost is not a burden on patients.
  • Procedures can be reduced to 50% of current market prices, depending on the specific case. Dental schools can offer this because our primary mission is to educate, not to make a profit.

Penn Dental Medicine is a leading dental school in the Philadelphia area with greatly reduced prices for normal people looking for affordable care. We hope that you consider our clinic for your needs, and on our side we promise to work with you to ensure that the payment plan is appropriate for your financial status.

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