Toothache remedies you won’t believe!

Psst…. Hey…. I heard you had a pretty bad toothache.  I’m sorry; I know how it feels to be in agony and just wanting the pain to stop. You’re in luck though! I can cure you of your toothache in minutes! Do you want to know what the cure is?  Of course you do! Here, pay close attention to this remedy that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt…

Dental MythsFirst, you’ll want to catch and kill a mouse. Second, you’ll want to place the dead mouse next to your sore tooth and, Viola! Toothache gone! I can tell you think I’m kidding, but if the thought of a dead mouse in your mouth repulses you then smash that squeaker up, and rub it on your sore tooth.

APRIL FOOLS!  Sort of.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that a dead mouse next to that sore tooth could cure your toothache! The theory was that a mouse harnessed the healing properties of the sun, which was thought to prevent death. Once you caught and killed the mouse, you would apply half of the mouse to your sore tooth while it was still warm.  Kind of gross, right?  

I’m sure glad things have changed.

Today we rely on the expansive knowledge of dentists, who can help us cure toothaches without  any dead rodents involved.  If you think this was an outrageous way to cure a toothache then continue reading to discover more bizarre dental myths and remedies that were developed over the years.

6 Historical Toothache Remedies You Won’t Believe

Tooth Worm

Many believed that a tooth worm was the cause of toothaches. Depending on the culture and era, there were multiple ways to rid yourself of that pesky tooth worm.

  • Honey was used to draw out the tooth worm. The person suffering from the toothache would smear honey on their tooth and then wait to grab the worm once it emerged from the tooth.
  • The Aztecs believed chewing on chili peppers would sweat the tooth worm out.
  • The early Scots thought that you could counteract the tooth worm’s pain with a cousin of theirs: the caterpillar. They believed if you wrapped a caterpillar in a red cloth and placed it near the aching tooth, then the pain would stop.

Roman Mouthwash

Mouthwash by today’s standards isn’t weird, but Roman mouthwash certainly is when you consider the main ingredient. The Romans believed swishing urine around in your mouth would stop your toothache! No thanks, Romans! I’ll stick with Listerine.


Unbeknownst to frogs, they played a multipurpose role in curing toothaches in various traditions. You could either catch a toad and lick its belly, catch a frog and spit in its mouth, or, if that didn’t work, you could rub the frog on the side of your face of your toothache. Ribbit! Ribbit!


If frogs were hard to come by, you could always catch a few earthworms, boil them, and then pour the solution in your ear on the same side as your toothache.

Mortal Remains

If you could manage to remove the tooth of a dead person and wear it around  your neck you could rid yourself of tooth pain. If that didn’t work, you could always smell the tooth of a corpse in hopes that your toothache would disappear.


This cute woodland creature was thought to hold the power of soothing a teething baby, though unfortunately not for its cuddly nature. It turns out that the fluid from the rabbits’ brain was thought to soothe the inflamed gums of a teething baby.

Now that you’ve been shocked and awed by some of the most bizarre dental myths, we hope that if you ever experience a toothache, you’ll be glad when you call your dentist and benefit from their modern knowledge and expertise. No dead things or innards will be involved in your treatment–we promise!

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