Explore Everything About Dental Coverage for a Family on a Tight Budget!

dental clinics for low income familiesAre you looking for affordable dental care for your family? For most families, cost is the biggest factor when considering having dental care at all. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) held two research surveys, and asked around 10,000 Americans what their greatest obstacle was when it came to dental coverage. Both surveys found that cost was the top factor out of 11 listed reasons. For many low income families, visiting a dental clinic is not even an option because of the expense.

Why Regular Dental Coverage Is Important

Dental care is too important to pass up, though, and in the long run, better oral hygiene and preventative care can save money!

A New Zealand study found that those who made regular visits to the dentist had better overall oral health and less tooth loss. By making these regular visits, patients avoided having more extensive dental work done in the future. Dental clinics can help low income families invest wisely in their oral health by offering the same excellent care that would patients would receive at a private practice.

How to Find Affordable Dental Care for Your Family

Two great options for finding affordable dental care include consulting with a helpful foundation or organization and checking with a dental teaching clinic. There are a number of groups with resources and assistance programs designed to help you find an affordable dentist even on a low income.

State-sponsored dental assistance programs vary by state and information about these programs can be found by contacting your state’s health department. On the national level, there are organizations like the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research for guidance. The American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation has a program called Give Kids A Smile, providing free volunteer dental services to millions of children nationwide.

University teaching clinics provide high quality dental services for a reduced cost. In general, a teaching clinic connected with a university will offer their services at a lower rate than a private practice or a traditional dentist’s office, and may even charge only for the equipment and materials they use in treatment. Since a teaching clinic’s main purpose is education, consulting with the professionals at one of these locations could be your best option to find an affordable dentist on a low income.

High Quality, Affordable Oral Health Care Services

If you would like more guidance on finding a dental clinic for a low income family, or you want to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Medicine at 215-898-8965. PDM is the teaching clinic connected with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine.

The student doctors at Penn Dental Medicine are under the direct guidance of expert dentists. As a teaching clinic, dental care is offered at a reasonable rate, but never at the expense of providing patient-centered care. Whatever your needs and your budget, Penn Dental Medicine is here to help you and your family get the dental care you need!

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