Don’t be another dental emergency room statistic!

affordable-dentistWhy do so many Americans forego dental care? Here’s a better question:  Even with dental insurance, why are so many Americans waiting until it’s an emergency before they see a dentist?

The answers might surprise you! The number one reason adults do not visit a dentist each year is due to cost. It’s hard to find an affordable dentist when you don’t have insurance. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, 40.2% of adults said they would forego dental care due to the cost!

In 2015, USA Today reported that there was a rise in ER visits due to dental problems. The uninsured aren’t the only ones visiting the ER with the dental emergencies. Even those with dental insurance are visiting the ER because their dental plans provide them a yearly coverage of only $1500.

In 2000, dental emergency room visits were at 1.1 million. In 2010, dental emergency room visits increased to 2.11 million, and they increased  again in 2012 to 2.18 million a year. Roughly saying that a person would visit the ER every 15 seconds for a dental issue that could’ve been addressed with access to an affordable dentist.  So what are the options to affordable dental care?

Affordable Dentist Options

If you’re uninsured or have limited dental insurance coverage the affordable dental care options may work for you.

Non-Profit Organizations – These non-profit organizations provide dental treatment to those who cannot afford dental insurance or to those with limited coverage.

Online Coupon Sites – If you don’t have dental insurance, these coupon sites can save you money while providing you with some much needed dental care. These dental deals often offer a cleaning, digital x-rays, and an exam.

Discount Dental Plans – A discount dental plan is a yearly membership which offers your significant discounts for dental procedures. The only downfall is finding dentist offices that accept your discounted dental plan.

Dental Schools – If you need an affordable dentist, your local dental school might be the answer you’re looking for. At Penn Dental Medicine, our student doctors will provide you affordable quality care within the scope of our educational programs.  The Student Doctors at Penn Dental Medicine are trained and mentored by our expert  Penn Dental Doctors. Come to Penn Dental Medicine and provide our student doctors with the experience they need, while providing you with the dental care you deserve.

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